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2 years ago
Amei saber

Lucky pup!

Anitta, a cachorra que tem um escorregador em casa!

2 years ago
Wonderful World

So cute, but If you don't want to install this mechanism in your home, Sea Chest Seafood Pet Treats are an affordable way to help with your aging dog's joints and mobility

2 years ago
Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie


I’m only gonna say this once so listen up... No Bish is allowed to have a convo unless I’m a part of it. #yourfaceembarrassesmebutcantfixthatnowcanwe #andiknowyoudidnotjustfingerslapmegirl ... See more

2 years ago
Dr. Judith Samson-French

Sea Chest Treats are a MUST for this hard working dog!

How was your drive home?

This is mine - I had to pull over to watch this Border Collie move 200 + cattle. Alone. In our Alberta Foothills.

2 years ago
In The Know Delights

Watch the heartwarming moment an officer serenades homeless dogs at a shelter -- and they have the sweetest reaction to his music

2 years ago

A great idea for our furry friends! Please check out their fb page!

2 years ago
Animal Tales


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